An essential forum for involvement is through all parents becoming members of the Association of Foundation Christian College Inc.

Our Association

Parents are responsible before God for the education of their children. Supportive friends are also eligible to apply for Association Membership. Association Meetings are held four times a year to discuss and vote on important college matters. Parent attendance is expected.

Christian parents and friends who regularly attend church are eligible for full membership, have voting rights on Association matters and can nominate for Board Membership. Other parents and friends, who are eligible for associate membership, do not vote or nominate for the Board, but may provide valuable assistance in discussions at Association Meetings. Both full and associate members are encouraged to consider membership of one of the many committees, such as the Building, Fundraising or Uniform Committees. 

Foundation Christian College is a member of Christian Education National Ltd, a nationwide association of more than 85 schools. Within this organisation support and advice enables existing schools to be strengthened and new schools to be established.