The Board meets at least once a month to discuss and endorse issues related to College policy and to provide strategic direction for the College.

College Board

From the Association, six to twelve members are elected to form the Board of Directors. The Board is accountable to the Association, considers all matters relevant to the educational programme and policies of the College as well as employs staff. Board members come from a range of Christian denominations with no one denomination having more than 50% of Board Membership.

The current Members of the Foundation Christian College Board are:


  • Wes Mitchell - Chairperson

  • Karina Lewis

  • Kathy Phillips-Jones

  • Derek Vincent

  • Andrew Tennent

  • Pieter Verster

  • Geoff Black

  • Jannah Cooper

  • Andrew Newhouse - Ex-Officio

  • Lachlan Chong - Ex-Officio