Excursions and Camps

Foundation Christian College encourages curriculum enrichment through excursions, incursions and camps. Each class participates in several incursions and excursions in the year to enhance the learning opportunities in the classroom. The cost for these is kept to a minimum. All students are expected to attend.


In addition to this, the Middle School has a camping programme, which is designed to achieve outdoor education and pastoral outcomes.The camping experience is used to enhance positive team building and collaborative work skills. The Year 7/8 and 9 camps are held mid-Term 1 of every year. The cost (under $250) can be spread over the year, if negotiated with the College before the camp.

The Year 7/8 camp is held at a range of South West campsites. The Year 9 camp is run by Scripture Union and is a rafting experience called Warriuka. The Year 10 camp is an Outdoor Education-orientated experience. All camps cost between $200 and $300. The expectation of the College is that all students should attend these camps. Circumstances of financial hardship should be discussed with the Principal.