Learning at FCC

Foundation Christian College is committed to providing a positive environment for all students where healthy, respectful relationships between all students and staff are developed. This means that there are less disruptions to the learning process and students are able to cover more curriculum. The College is also committed to providing smaller classes to enhance the opportunity to learn and the development of productive relationships.

The curriculum and its implementation are designed to focus students on their ability to learn and think for themselves. In this way, students are best set up to value and participate in being a life-long learner.

With this in mind, if students leave Foundation Christian College, they are likely to cope well in other schools. While the content of curriculum is not the same from school to school, the outcomes that this school seeks to develop are very transferable.

Foundation Christian College is committed to providing smaller classes to enhance the opportunity to learn and the development of productive relationships.

The Christian ethos of the College is fundamental to its existence and therefore there will always be Christian content in the curriculum and in the whole school philosophy. Christian Education will have times of being an explicit focus, but will be integrated into all class discussion and learning tasks. Each class will operate with an overt Christian context.

The Curriculum Framework contains the Outcomes that all schools (both Government and Independent Schools) are required to implement. This means that while our College chooses and designs our own curriculum, all schools work towards achieving the same outcomes for students.

As a Christian College, we have an important task to reshape the middle years to create an effective learning community for our adolescent students. Middle-schooling develops independent and positive learners which is vital in preparation for tertiary studies.

By providing a style of education that allows all students to be successful and to focus on achieving their potential, skills for learning how to learn are developed.

Time management and responsibility are developed through quality relationships and effective communication. It is these very elements of preparation for higher education involvement that are developed at Foundation Christian College through middle-schooling strategies.

The resources and facilities at Foundation Christian College are rapidly developing every year. However, the prime focus has always been on the quality of classroom experiences revolving around the expertise of the staff. This will continue as Foundation Christian College grows. The Middle School program will be resourced with classrooms, Christian teachers, locally designed curriculum and resource support. Computers and broadband internet access is provided at the school as are other Design Technologies. The Middle School is resourced with school-based facilities in the Design and Technology centre and science laboratory. Foundation Christian College library will be expanded to cater for a larger range of students and topics, while the community library will remain as a resource to be utilised.

All students have an integrated learning program covering four core learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Society and Environment. The current Languages programme of Indonesian and Auslan are also provided. Physical Education runs as a separate programme with a broad spectrum of sports being offered rather than intense focus on a few. A specialised Art programme is also provided. Health education, some Technology and Enterprise outcomes and informational technology are embedded into the core programme of the Middle School.