Primary Years

The Primary years are characterised by an emphasis on student focus and nurture. The College aims to have classes of sizes up to 25. This supports the educational beliefs of the College of valuing diversity, providing a strong foundation and enabling a high level of pastoral care. Primary students participate in an integrated curriculum, with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy. The class is facilitated predominately by one teacher with one or two specialist teachers contributing to the program. Classes are encouraged to be teams that focus on a positive and constructive culture, valuing thinking and learning through a range of intelligences.

The College has some classes that are multi-age groups. This means that there is more than one year level in each class. In setting up multi-age groups we focus on increasing quality learning by all students. Within a multi-age group, the diversity of backgrounds and experience increase, leading to quality student-student interactions. Teachers make use of this by embedding peer teaching and cooperative learning strategies as part of their daily repertoire of teaching processes.

This grouping model also facilitates appropriate College growth, allowing class groups to respond to enrolments.