Annual General Meeting

The Foundation Christian College Association AGM has been set for Wednesday 29 May 2019 at 7pm. Please note as this is an official event on the College calendar we require one member to represent each family and to RSVP.

This meeting will provide information about the College and, in particular, reports on the financial status for the previous year. We would like all families to attend and hear about the good things that are happening in our College.

The AGM is the time when nominations for new Board members are put to the Association. Full Association members vote on new Board members as well as on any current Board members who are at the end of their current two-year stint and thus up for re-election.

For further information please contact the Board via the front office. The deadline for application forms from nominees is 17th April 2019. This is also the deadline for any proposed motions or agenda items. Even though this date is during the school holidays, the College Office will be open, and staff can receive your nomination or proposed agenda items.

Closer to the time information will be given about proxy and postal voting and how to access information and reports made available prior to the meeting.

Please diarise the date and put forward any Board nominees you have. For more information or to RSVP your attendance please contact us on (08) 9586 5444 or via [email protected]

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