Why Foundation Christian College?

Foundation Christian College provides a Christian Education for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Situated within 8.5 hectares of land, including gardens and preserved bush land, our younger students enjoy playing in nature while our senior students enjoy the peace and tranquillity required for their studies.

Small classes are a feature of our College so we can provide optimum learning environments for all students. Our College offers Kindergarten to Year 12 education, with a dedicated Early Learning Centre. The modern facilities provide an ideal learning environment for students.

Our College provides a sound educational program in the context of the Christian Faith. All staff are committed, active Christians and each class uses a biblical context for classroom activities, including daily devotions and prayer.

The College features student-centered programs in a caring and supportive learning community. Classes are set up as learning teams with a collaborative learning philosophy embedded in our school pedagogy.

The College uses the Curriculum Framework as a basis for all learning programs and is particularly focused on the Principles of Learning and Teaching and the Principles of Assessment. While all learning areas are developed, College staff are working towards implementing the Australian Curriculum over the coming years.

Foundation Christian College has a strong emphasis placed on literacy and numeracy.

A whole-school approach exists with each teacher having a strong understanding of how literacy and numeracy are developed. The College is committed to, and values on-going professional development for all teachers.

The College invests time and energy into teaching students social and emotional skills so that a positive environment exists and is maintained both in classrooms and in the schoolyard.

The College’s Pastoral Care Program is based on developing respect for God, authority, self, each other and property.

All parents of enrolled students become members of the Foundation Christian College Association. Active parent involvement in the College life is encouraged. The College suits parents who are seeking a Christian community environment for their children, where parent participation is welcome and the unique talents of each individual child are nurtured and excellence is encouraged.