Year 12 ATAR Results 2021

Celebrating our Former Students Thursday, 12 May 2022

It was very exciting when we received the Year 12 ATAR results, in particular, that Foundation Christian College scored the third highest School Median ATAR result in the region.

Whilst comparison with other schools is not our aim, it is an encouragement to staff, students and parents that our students are achieving good results for their hard work.

There has been some great improvement in our median ATAR results.  While the number of students completing ATAR at the College is small the results show that parents wanting a Christ-centred education for their children are not doing so at the sacrifice of academics. That being said, our College offers a good range of ATAR subjects covering all the learning areas, giving students a high amount of contact hours per subject thus enabling students to be well-prepared for their exams and further study after Year 12. 

Of the students who applied to go to university, here is a summary of the fields of tertiary studies they have entered:

Natural and Physical Sciences: Biological Sciences (x1)
Information Technology: Computer Science (x1)
Health: General Nursing (x1)
Management and Commerce: Business and Management (x1)
Creative Arts: Communication and Media Studies (x1)

Society and Culture: Criminology (x1) and Psychology (x1)
Creative Arts: Audio Visual Studies (x1)

Natural and Physical Sciences: Natural and Physical Sciences (x1)
Creative Arts: Creative Arts (x1)