Our flagship programme, Big Ideas, provides opportunities for students to develop and nurture their personal progress through all seven of the General Capabilities.

The highly engaging programmes promote higher order thinking skills via integrated learning and project based tasks that provide students with opportunities to put their knowledge and talents into practice. Rich, problem solving tasks, cater for different learning styles and students choose activities that are meaningful, relevant and purposeful to them, drawing upon their own strengths and gifting. All activities provided range from basic knowledge responses right through to evaluating their own understanding, to ensure that we are catering for all academic abilities.

Foundation Christian College is designed for contemporary learning so that students make the most of your decision to prioritise their educational opportunities. The College aspires to be innovative and dynamic in the use of technology to support the teaching and learning programmes. Learning resources are moving to be predominantly digital and a digital toolkit is to be at the fingertips of staff and students in Middle School. The iPad is the tool chosen to assist learning, through the use of Apps, students have the ability to investigate, explore, record and present.