The Primary sub-school of Foundation Christian College is seen as one school with staff joining together to foster a smooth transition from Kindergarten to Year 6. There is much development during the eight years of education in the Primary setting.

The Primary is made up of three separate buildings with play areas suitable for the age and developmental stages of the students. The College respects the role of the parents and we partner with you in the education of your child.

Christian Education

Christian Education is part of each day. Each day begins honouring God and all that He has given us. Prayer and the Bible are naturally part of each day with a focus on how we are to love others.

Pastoral Care

As individuals we have a deep desire to be known. We all need to know God’s love for us and to be valued as we are. The size of the College allows all students to be known by staff and families. When students are playing, staff are there as guides to support students in using wisdom, to problem solve, to collaborate and to remain safe. Our staff are there to listen and assist where needed.