Executive Team

Our Executive Team is led by our Principal Mr Neville Stanway and he is supported by our Head of Primary Clinton King and Head of Secondary Mrs Melissa Richardson. Our Business Manager, Mr Mark Thomas is also part of our Executive Team. 

Mr Neville Stanway

Foundation Christian College welcomed Mr Stanway as Principal at the beginning of 2020. He brings with him 30 years of educational experience.

Mr Stanway's vision for the College is to have every child develop personally and academically. He is passionate about the introduction of the College's 21st Century Learning Programmes and the 2021 Student Development Programme.

“We intend to mentor students to develop them as future leaders by providing them with the age-appropriate avenues to lead and serve others and help them plan for their future.

"Children in Kindergarten actually begin learning the 21st Century skills and qualities that need to be recognized and nurtured throughout Primary School, whereas the students in Junior High have so much energy and ideas, they need the space to be able to make them happen.

“In order to facilitate this, we have created specialized learning hubs across the College. We are developing an Integrated Learning Hub for Primary School, the Goodwill Innovation Centre for Junior High, and for Senior High School Students in Years 10-12, the College has broadened the Career and Vocational Pathways including online VET courses and an additional ATAR courses,” Mr Stanway said.

“It is an exciting time for the College, with the restructure of our Executive Team and the introduction of Curriculum coordinators across Early Childhood, Primary/Junior High School and Senior High School plus Student Mentors in Year 7, 8 & 9 and 10-12, we know that we are in a great position to support our teachers who will give our students a schooling experience that will bring out their very best.”

Mr Clinton King

As Mr King steps up into his new role as Head of Primary in 2022, it is one that has had great foundations laid. “I am grateful to the former Head of Primary for the ground work the team has done in the College Primary School, and I intend to continue building on the amazing curriculum initiatives and programmes that are in the school” said Mr King.

“The Primary school has been going from strength to strength. I commenced at the College at the beginning of 2021 and was able to get some programmes implemented which has given me a great head start for 2022.

“We are launching an Extension Programme for Year 5-6 Students where they can experience electives that are enjoyed by Secondary Students. I know this is going to be well-received."

Mrs Melissa Richardson
Mrs Melissa Richardson

Mrs Melissa Richardson joined the Executive Team at Foundation Christian College in 2018, having moved to Mandurah from regional Western Australia with her family. As a former student of a Christian School herself, she highly values the strong partnership with parents and the broader community that can be developed within schools. 

Mrs Richardson is a passionate advocate of young people finding their identity in Christ as they are immersed in a diverse and engaging educational programme, developing a robust and living faith for the twenty-first century. 

Leading our highly skilled Secondary staff team, she is committed to academic excellence, the individualised progress of every student, and an authentic Christian culture being intentionally at the core of our College practices. Her work goal is to continually strive to equip FCC students for ever-challenging economic, technological and ethical environments in our world. 

Mr Mark Thomas

Mr Mark Thomas joined the College Executive Team in 2020. He has a degree in Economics and Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching. His career experience means that not only does he bring financial and managerial expertise to the College, but also an understanding of teaching; its demands and requirements. 

Mr Thomas has a passion for education and enabling teachers to bring the best out in their students. Providing all staff with the training, tools and infrastructure they need to succeed is crucial. Mark also believes that this is best done through having cohesive leadership and a fantastic Administration team; without them an effective school would not be possible.

He is a keen reader, hiker and a passionate Eagles supporter.

He has a heart for Christian Education and to see Foundation Christian College to stand out in the community as a provider of quality education that is available and affordable for all Christian families.