Our mission is to provide a Christ-centred Education in a caring community and to equip students for the 21st Century.

Our motto is “Jesus Christ - our sure foundation” and it is under this banner that students are nurtured in their understanding of God and His creation, enabling students to have a good understanding of who they are and the importance of their place in the world; they are created uniquely and for a purpose with a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

Our Staff are all Christian and support the teaching of Christian values at the College.

Our Students are able to be schooled at Foundation Christian College from Kindergarten to Year 12. This is a wonderful aspect of the College to ensure continuity and seamless transition from one year group to the next. Our College was established by Christian parents to provide a Christian education for children, located on the one campus, operating as one school. 

We encourage students to be part of our Student Development Program in order to help them become the great person God created them to be. The College offers various leadership roles for mentoring younger students, coaching student sport teams and coordinating sport and social events. These roles include: Head Boy, Head Girl, Student Council Representatives, House Captains and Service Team Leaders. 

We put a focus on both pastoral care and academic rigour to ensure your children will not only flourish during their time at the College but in every area they pursue after graduation. We know every child has their own unique abilities, gifts and strengths, so we provide an engaging delivery of the required curriculum so they can realise their full and unlimited potential.

Our Parents and Families are encouraged to build community within and outside of school. Our Family Community Group "Foundation Friends" encourages friendship, fun and fundraising at the College. 

Within this group comes: 

HOPE FCC - Helping Other Parents Enjoy FCC - they are our class contacts who help pastorally and who enjoy coordinating the occasional social gathering for their class!; 

Friends of Prayer - our Team who pray for our families, staff and students; 

Friends of Fundraising - who love all things Fundraising; and our 

Dad's N Kids Team - who work with The Fathering Project to encourage Dad's and their children to have meaningful and enjoyable connections with their children. Click here to join the Fathering Project group.