Parent Group - Foundation Friends

Foundation Friends, is the FCC equivalent of a traditional school P&C and the aim of Foundation Friends is to bring friendship, fun and raise funds for the development of the College.

Research has shown that parents who are active in their child’s school community have well-balanced and happy children who love to learn.  

Foundation Friends meet once per term to plan events that encourage connections between families and their children.

We encourage our parents to be involved at the College. 

Join in at a Foundation Friends meeting or help at an excursion, be part of Friends of Prayer or the Fundraising Team, volunteer to help coordinate an event, become a class contact (known as H.O.P.E. FCC – Helping Other Parents Enjoy FCC), serve at Foundies Café, make a meal for a family in need, cover books at the Library or simply helping in their child’s classroom. 

We love our families!