Step-Up Day is scheduled in Term 4 of every year and are an integral part of our Transition Program at Foundation Christian College.

A full day of immersion in classes and social activities, provides many opportunities to meet class members, and to overview topics and review course expectations for the year ahead. This day is vital in minimising anxiety and maximising excitement for students, and to build a sense of peer connection and belonging as they move forward.

The day is enjoyed by all students and are found particularly valuable for students in Year 6 moving into Year 7 and Year 10 moving into Year 11, where they are unfamiliar with a new phase in their school journey, either to Middle School or Senior School. The day provides students the opportunity to meet with fellow students, get to know new teachers and to have a mental framework for the year ahead. 

New students commencing at the College for the following academic year are included in the program and this allows them to make new friends and complete a comprehensive induction to life at Foundation Christian College. This programme seeks to bridge the year, seamlessly transitioning from one year to the next, holistically supporting every students’ emotional, social and academic potential.