At Senior School, our goal is that every student can have the best opportunity to reach their full potential and be successful in life.

Students in Senior School are offered a wide variety of pathways in a high-quality academic programme to cater for all learning capabilities.

Senior School becomes a more independent learning environment where Middle School learning is consolidated at Foundation Christian College, where we offer a wide variety of pathways in a high-quality academic programme to cater for all learning capabilities. 

This is also a time where choosing a career pathway becomes very important. Our Senior School Coordinator and Pathways Coordinator are key to helping students select the most appropriate pathway that suits their learning capabilities, skills and interests.

Our School Careers Website is a great starting point for students to research the types of courses available for their future careers, WACE requirements and when open days are being held at the many post-school educational facilities. It provides students with the latest information that will help students make decisions about their life beyond school.

There is even a section for parents to help guide their student with career planning. The Careers website link is below:

Year 10 Core Subjects
  • Maths 
  • Science 
  • HASS 
  • English 
  • Health 
  • Study Session 
  • Assembly/ Worship 
  • Christian Education 
  • Physical Education 
  • Extended Home Class 
  • Career Education
  • Work Placement

    Year 10 Class Elective subjects

    Year 10 Students can choose from the following electives which are enjoyed for a full year.

    • Visual Art 
    • Drama Production 
    • Music 
    • Media
    • Robotics & Engineering 
    • Digital Technology
    • Materials Design and Technology (Wood/ Metal) 
    • Food Science and Technology
    • Outdoor Education
    • Study Support

    Year 11 and 12

    There are many pathways available to students and at Foundation Christian College we offer a variety of them. From courses in ATAR, General and V.E.T. they are all pathways that will enable students to be competitive in gaining University or TAFE entry. Students who are looking to enter the workforce after completing Year 12 will be well prepared to find employment.  

    Students completing their senior schooling at Foundation Christian College continue in an environment of support, care and resourcing to allow them to move onto University entry, TAFE entry or workplace transition.   

    In their own specialised Senior School Centre, they can work to a flexible timetable strengthening their skills in independent learning. Senior School studies allow students to work and graduate in compliance with the courses of study to achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).  

    Our Senior School Curriculum Coordinator, Mr Bradley Angelos, works with our students to ensure they are enrolled in an academic pathway that will help them achieve their career goals.