Our Pastoral Care policy ensures we partner closely together with families in order to offer them an affordable Christian Education in a supportive environment.

We expect every child at our school to know, and feel, that they are valued, and in turn, they value and respect others.

Our positive Pastoral Care Programme is well-known, our staff regularly attend professional development sessions to keep up-to-date on the best strategies by which to support our students, however for those requiring extra care students can be referred to either of our College Chaplains, one of whom is a qualified Family Counsellor.  

We are also developing our Community Network with churches and other not-for-profit organisations in order to help our families more effectively.  

We want our students to feel cared for and our families supported in whatever way possible.  

As individuals we have a deep desire to be known. We all need to know God’s love for us and to be valued as we are. The size of the College allows all students to be known by staff and families. When students are playing, staff are there as guides to support students in using wisdom, to problem solve, to collaborate and to remain safe. Our staff are there to listen and assist where needed.