What do I do if I arrive late for school or if I am absent?


The attendance register is taken each morning from 8:25am. If your child arrives at the College after 8:25am and misses the checking of the attendance register, they will need to go directly to Student Services to obtain a late sticker. 

This sticker is to be taken by the student to their class teacher and pasted into their student diary. 

Students who are not at school are noted and the parents are contacted if the College Office has not been informed. 

The register is also taken in the afternoon after the lunch break. 


It is a legal requirement that the College is notified why students are absent from school.

This can be done in several ways including:

  1. writing a note addressed to the College explaining the reason for your child’s absence and then dating and signing the note; 
  2. through the College App; or 
  3. by sending Student Services an email at studentservices@fcc.wa.edu.au; or 
  4. A phone call to 95865444.

It is a legal requirement of parents/guardians to advise the College in writing of explanations for each absence.