What do the logo and colours mean?

Our original logo (pictured in the gallery below) underwent several updates before technology requirements required it needing to be replaced in 2020. This first logo was representative of the building blocks of faith and life that students experience at Foundation Christian College. 

The new logo has built on from the original one as our College, in its first 21 years, established itself in the Peel region as a school where our students will have their lives built in Christ and established with a firm foundation. We believe that when children are strongly planted, gently nurtured, they flourish! 

Our current logo comprises of two main elements: the Cross and a Shield. The Cross identifies us as being followers of Christ and the shield symbolises acadaemia. As such, and coupled with our name, we provide a foundation for our students in both their faith and in their studies. 

Maroon and Dark Blue are the main College logo colors. 

Maroon is characterized with blossoming, building, skill refinement and feeling the success of stronger skill acquisition and confidence – the branches are reaching out. Stretching. Fruit is forming.  

Dark Blue is characterized by Mastery and Expression during deeper and expansive study. Flourishing in being, skills expression, character development and refinement, display a young plant ready for a fruitful future. Confidence and strength.  

Together they speak of the blessing and positional truth of being disciples of Jesus Christ. We are His. He endows us with His Kingship and Royalty.