Year 1-2

Primary Students attend Monday to Friday during the school term and classes commence at 8:25am until 3:15pm. Each day is divided in to seven sessions.

The Early Years Framework overarches learning in Year 1 and 2 with education moving from a playful approach, as experienced in Kindergarten and Pre-primary, to gradually becoming more formal. 

Students in Year 1 and 2 cover the eight learning areas of the Western Australian Curriculum within a flexible classroom environment. The desks and learning areas encourage group work, collaboration, creative thinking and an overall relaxed feel. Students can move around, work at tables, on the floor, in small groups, on stools as well as standing. Some desks are built with a whiteboard surface for students to use with markers as they plan, think, discuss, draw, and “have-a-go” whilst completing their tasks.

The Year 1 and 2 learning spaces are innovative, mobile, varied and connected, and provide students with choice in where and how they learn. We have recently completed our amazing outdoor ship, named The Son Seeker, which encourages students physical skills and imaginative play.

It includes a mud kitchen, climbing ropes and a huge deck for class groups to spend time together working on tasks such as inventing, reading and writing adventurous stories. Staff member, Mr Chidlow, especially built the ship to include the peppermint trees as The Son Seeker’s sails which sway in the wind!

By the end of Year 2, students have a much stronger understanding of themselves and have begun to connect with the wider community.