SEQTA for Students and Parents

SEQTA is used by College Staff and Students and SEQTA Engage is a powerful tool for parents to have an overview of their child’s learning and assessments.

It also provides a communication channel for parents and teachers, enabling greater collaboration and enhanced learning outcomes for our students. At Foundation Christian College, our families are encouraged to use this program. Students in Secondary will be using SEQTA Learn.

Within SEQTA Engage, you will have access to a number of pages. Below is an outline of how SEQTA Engage is utilised within our College and what to familiarise yourself with:

Primary Students

  • Course outlines available for each subject
  • Semester Reports

Secondary Students

  • Course and lesson outlines available for each subject including homework requirements
  • Assessment information and results
  • Dashboard showing your child(s) homework, task list and pastoral care notes. *Note, homework is not a default setting and needs to be selected from the drop down menu
  • Internal Direqt Messages (similar to email)
  • Access to view school documents and the portal page
  • Shared samples of work through Folios (optional)
  • Goals your child may have set
  • Student timetable
  • College Notices
  • Semester Reports


Correspondence from the Head of Primary and Head of Secondary will also be available within this program for your reference.

How do I get access to SEQTA Engage?

To login to SEQTA Engage, you must first create an account. A ‘welcome email’ has been sent out to all new families to the College, which will guide you through this process. Please note that that this link is only valid for one week from the date of issue for security reasons.

Once your account is set up, SEQTA Engage can be accessible through a web browser ( or from the SEQTA app. You can download the app to your mobile or iPad through the App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) to receive push notifications and fingerprint authentication.

We know you will find SEQTA Engage a useful tool in keeping you up to date. If you are needing additional support, please refer to the manual below. Alternatively, you can contact our IT Department on

SEQTA Engage Secondary Parent Manual

SEQTA Information Sheet