Our Point of Difference

Being a Christian School means that our faith in Jesus Christ is important to us and our families. Coupled with this is our reputation for providing a high-quality education. Both go hand in hand here at Foundation Christian College.  

We place a high value on an education that is Christ-centred because we want our students to learn and grow to be the best version of themselves that God created them to be. This value is developed through providing many educational, development and extension opportunities to every one of our students from the time they start school in Kindergarten, right through to their graduation in Year 12.  

Another distinctive at Foundation Christian College is that we are a double-stream, K to 12 School located on the one campus, this enables us to provide a greater degree of continuity and consistency from year to year.   

We are one campus at one location and our families love this convenience as their children are at the same location for ease of pick up and drop off each day.