"Spiritually strong and academically rigorous"

Our Secondary School caters for Year 7-12 students.

Our Middle School caters for Students in Years 7-9 and much emphasis is placed on ensuring students receive a great range of academic experiences in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Social Sciences, Health, Physical Education, Outdoor Education Arts, Technology, STEAM and Languages.   

Highly passionate teachers deliver curriculum content in line with the Western Australian Curriculum. All students are given access to this curriculum via teaching pedagogy that is not only academically rigorous, but pitches to the learning styles and needs of individual students.  

Some academic streaming occurs in Year 9 and 10 so that students are appropriately prepared for their chosen pathway in Senior School. Year 9 and 10 students have two afternoons every week to experience elective subjects, catering for their interests and strengths.  

Our range of Electives has broadened to make great use of our amazing new Performing Arts Centre with Drama, Dance, Music and Media/Photography along with our Outdoor Education Area, which features a campsite and mountain bike track where the students will have many opportunities to be extended and to learn new life skills.   

Senior School at Foundation Christian College builds on from Middle School where learning is consolidated and so creating a more independent learning environment. 

Students in Senior School are offered a wide variety of pathways in a high-quality academic programme to cater for all learning capabilities. Our goal is that every student can have the best opportunity to reach their full potential and be successful in life. 

We currently have 59 different Year 11 and Year 12 courses of study on offer with students pursuing the ATAR pathway, General or V.E.T. pathways that will enable students to be competitive in gaining University or TAFE entry. Students who are looking to enter the workforce after completing Year 12 will be well prepared to find employment.  Diverse options are pursued and made available where students' need s are met and career goals can be reached.

Students completing their senior schooling at Foundation Christian College continue in an environment of support, care and resourcing to allow them to move onto University entry, TAFE entry or workplace transition.   

In their own specialised Senior School Centre, they can work to a flexible timetable strengthening their skills in independent learning. Senior School studies allow students to work and graduate in compliance with the courses of study to achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).  

Careers Website

Prior to commencing Senior School it is a great idea to review our Careers Website. This site has been designed to assist our Senior Students in planning their future pathway. Feel free to review it here: 

Foundation Careers Website

Every year-group attends a camp during the year.

Camps are specifically designed to be engaging, stretch students within and out of their comfort zones in a safe environment and to engage with their peers in a meaningful way.

Students always return from camp enriched, encouraged and having formed stronger bonds with their teachers and friends.

Enjoy the highlights from a Year 9 Camp.