​​To obtain a place on any of the FCC Bus Services, families MUST make an application using the form at the bottom of this page.

Our Bus Service extends through the Peel Region ...

We serve our families as far north as Rockingham, south to Dawesville, east to Pinjarra and collect students who arrive via the Mandurah Train Station.

Here is what you need to know about our FCC Bus Service...

Due to the large number of families utilising the College bus and those on the waiting list, the College has introduced a full-time commitment from 2023 and will be charged accordingly. The fees are included in your family account and will appear on your statement and are to be paid off throughout the 2023 school year. 

Students are still required to use their smart rider card to scan on and off the bus so that Parents/Guardians are able to track the bus trip.

Please find below the prices for the College buses and maps to help determine what zone you are located:
Zone 1: 

Kindergarten – Year 10 = $688

Year 11 = $628

Year 12 = $544

Zone 2:  

Kindergarten – Year 10 = $774

Year 11 = $706.50

Year 12 = $612  

Zone 3:

Kindergarten – Year 1 = $860

Year 11 = $785

Year 12 = $680  

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the front office on (08) 9586 5444 or email busrun@fcc.wa.edu.au.



To apply for your child to use the FCC Bus Service, please fill out the form below. Should you require the service for more than 4 children please contact our Bus Coordinator via email at busrun@fcc.wa.edu.au or by calling (08) 95865444.

Parent/Guardian Contact

Student 1 Requiring Bus Service

Address of student if different from Parent/Guardian address

Student 2 Requiring Bus Service

Student 3 Requiring Bus Service

Student 4 Requiring Bus Service

Parent and Student Agreements

Office Use Only