Thank you for taking the time to learn about Foundation Christian College. We all have a world-view. This is our framework which helps us interpret all that we see, hear and experience. Our moral framework is a part of this. It helps us determine what is right and wrong, and assists us in determining what is good and desirable. This College embeds a Christian world-view across all our programmes and practices. It is so important to us that we partner with Christian families in helping children and adolescents identify how they see their world. The Bible is our source of truth in helping us implement our world view.
Foundation Christian College values strong pastoral care of all students as well as embedding academic rigour into our programs. We realise that we all have different abilities, gifts and strengths. Through an engaging delivery of the required curriculum, our students have the opportunity to achieve to their own potential.
For some of our students, this means they are able to achieve high academic outcome, while for other students, they learn to cope with life and accept themselves for who God has made them to be. Hence we say, your child is firmly planted and gently nurtured, so they will flourish.
Our College is a community of parents and families partnering with the College staff to enable everyone to be valued, to make progress and to thrive in life.
You may notice that our structure is a little different to some other schools. We are a Kindergarten to Year 12 College on the one campus operating as one school. Primary School includes Early Learning, with strong and focused Kindergarten and Preprimary programmes operating from the Early Learning Centre. The Middle School caters for Years 7 through to 10. This part of the College focuses on a mixture of subject-based learning and integrated learning. Senior School caters for students in Years 11 and 12 and is seriously focused on all students achieving their WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education).
Please call the College if you would like more information about our uniqueness or if you would like to chat to our College Registrar or the Principal.