Why 21st Century Learning?

Student Opportunities Friday, 19 Feb 2021

At Foundation Christian College, we know that as children step forward into this digital and constantly evolving economy, 21st Century Skills will become more and more vital. 

21st Century Learning provides students with opportunities to learn creative and critical thinking skills, the ability to collaborate, the skills to communicate effectively and how to collect data

Which is why, in addition to specific subject knowledge, we ensure all our students develop these important 21st Century Skills across all year levels.

21st Century Skills are flagged as critical for the digital and evolving economy and include ways of thinking, ways of working and ways of living. 

It is so important that students have the opportunity to develop their creative and critical thinking skills, the opportunity to collaborate and work with others, the opportunity to learn to Communicate effectively and how to collect data

At Foundation Christian College, we provide these opportunities to our students through a variety of highly engaging lessons every day when they participate in our Student Development Programmes. 

Our teaching programmes are based on the WA Curriculum. We have Curriculum Coordinators across the College to oversee the learning stages including Early Childhood, which encompasses Kindergarten to Year 2; a Year 3-9 Coordinator bringing continuity from Primary to Secondary; and a Year 10-12 Coordinator. This ensures that every child in every year group has a consistent progression through the curriculum.