For families at Foundation Christian College we communicate through the following means:


Our App provides links to our latest newsletter, absentee forms, Seesaw, SEQTA, staff emails, social links and the link to shop.fcc where you can purchase uniforms online. 

When you enrol your child to the College you will be provided with a link and password. 

FCC Private Facebook Group

Access to this group is available only to parents and guardians of current students and current staff of the College.

We encourage past graduating students to join our Alumni Facebook Group

We feature footage from assemblies, worship, carnivals, reminders of meetings, and it is a great place to link with other parents with our community. 

​College Newsletter

We aim to publish a newsletter every month. The newsletter provides a look back at what has happened over the previous month.

For urgent matters we will email parents. 

Notification of upcoming events will be placed in the College App, SEQTA Notifications and fortnightly updates by our Heads of School.

Assemblies and Worship

Every Thursday we alternate between having an assembly or worship. Parents and families are welcome to attend them. 

Whole College Assemblies or Whole College Worship are held once per term in our Multi-purpose Hall at 8:40am. 

Primary School Assemblies and Worship are held at 8:40am in the Foundation Theatre. 

Secondary School Assemblies and Worship are held in the Foundation Theatre at 10:35am. 

*NOTE: in line with current COVID restrictions our assemblies and worship are being held online. 

A note about our Website: Our website is designed to introduce you to our College.  Once your family has joined our College, our App will be the best avenue for communication. A Username and Password will be provided to your family upon enrolment.
— Michelle Cronin, Community Relations
Communication for Primary School Parents Communication for Secondary Parents and Students
Head of Primary Updates (email)
Head of Secondary Updates (email)
College App
College App