Welcome to Foundation Christian College!

There is so much to consider when commencing at a new school. Here are a few links that we know will help you and your family as you start your journey with us.


Using our Foundation Christian College App you will be able to:

  • Receive Notices and Newsletters; 
  • Communicate with teachers; 
  • Submit absentee forms;
  • Link with parents in your child's class;
  • Link with SEQTA and Seesaw without having to have them as separate Apps on your device.

The links below will take you directly to our App in the : 

App Store for iPhone 

Google Play for Android 

**Note - there is a username and password - which will be given to all new enrolments by our Registrar. 

Updating contact details and medical information

Update your child's details and contacts in the TASS Parent Lounge. You can find the link for this in the FCC App in 'Contacts', under 'Registrar'. Please contact our IT Team at helpdesk@fcc.wa.edu.au if you require support.


If you are a Senior School Student and have your drivers licence, please park in Carpark 1. A map can be found in the entry below.

Parking @ Foundation Christian College

Connect with FCC families

We have HOPE FCC

Helping Other Parents Enjoy Foundation Christian College.

This team of parents have a passion to see our families connect and be an active part in our College community. 

Each class has a Facebook group and you can find the link to each group in the links section of our FCC App. 

Look for HOPE Parent Facebook Group - Year (X), 2024 for your child's relevant year group and join!

We have Friends of Prayer

Our prayer warriors meet every Wednesday of the school term to pray over the College, our staff, students and families. This Team meets at the College Secondary Staff Room from 8:45am to pray and fellowship. Babies and children are most welcome!

Friends of Prayer

We have The Fathering Project

Our FCC Dads Group - Dad's encouraging Dad's and anyone who "stands in the gap" for a Dad - Uncles, Grandparents, Mum's, Aunties are all welcome to register and join our family events that are held once per term.

 Register for this group at FCC Dads

We have Friends of Fundraising

This group currently meets on an "as required basis" but always welcomes new members to contribute fundraising ideas.

Foundation Friends


Visit this page in our website for our Uniform Shop location and opening hours and read our College Uniform Policy below.

Uniform - Shop and Policy

Your first days ...

If you start at the beginning of the school year, you will have already toured the College and met your teacher at either our Primary School Student Induction Day or our Secondary School Step-Up Day. 

On the first day of the school year our Student Leadership Team and Staff will meet you at the front of the College along with other new students and show you to your home class.

However, if you join our College during the school year, you will be able to tour the College and meet some of your teachers as part of your interview. Then on your first day our Team will meet you at the College Office and take you directly to your home class.

In our Primary School, your class teacher will assign a buddy or two for you. They will help you find the toilet, Student Services, Café, designated play areas and help you meet new friends in the playground. For students in Year 3 and up a laptop is also allocated which the teacher will provide to you on your first day.

Prior to your child’s first day, as a Primary Student parent, you will be allocated SEESAW login to view an ongoing digital portfolio of your child’s achievements throughout the year. 

In our Secondary School, our Student Leaders make themselves available to check in with new students, show you around the College and to offer friendship. If more support is required, our Student Development Team can assign a companion for you.

Prior to your first day, as a Secondary Student you will be allocated a laptop, logins to SEQTA, a locker and timetable. If this has not been possible prior to commencement, then our Team will endeavour to have all this ready for you on your first day. 

We are in the process of adding to this page and we welcome your input.  Please contact our Registrar, Linda jones or our Community Relations Officer, Michelle Cronin should you require assistance as your children commence at the College. We want you all to enjoy being part of our Foundation Family! Please call Mrs Jones or Mrs Cronin on 95865444 for support during office hours.