Parking @ Foundation Christian College

Parking areas at the College before and after school are very busy. Please familiarise yourself with the College parking and transport map below.

We especially ask that you follow the traffic flow guide when you are dropping off and picking up your children.

A few important points to note ...

  • Parking along the road between the two gates on Valentine Drive is also encouraged.
  • Please note the one way entry and drive through, from carpark 4 through to exiting at carpark 6.
  • You must give way at the end of carpark 5 and carpark 6!
  • There is NO ENTRY through the second gate on Valentine Drive.
  • NO ENTRY TO THE BUS ZONE – area noted in blue - except when buses have left for the afternoon run, usually from 3:30pm.

    • A reminder that speed around the outside of school is 40km, on school grounds is 10km.
    • NO parking is permitted and is illegal on ALL footpaths or neighbours' properties.

    Our Staff are continually monitoring to ensure our parking, pick up and drop of zones are safe for families.

    We appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain a calm traffic flow within and around the College grounds.