Further details regarding applications will be released in Term 4, 2022.

We welcome Scholarship Applications.  At Foundation Christian College we want to raise leaders in our community who strive towards honoring God and their families in all they do.  We work with students to bring out their God-given gifts and talents and a scholarship enables scholarship recipients extra opportunities to excel. 
— Mr Stanway, Principal

We offer the following scholarships and further details on each one can be found below:

  • Academic
  • Christian Bursary
  • Co-Curricular Excellence
  • Indigenous Leadership
  • Music


All scholarship applicants will be required to have an interview with the College Principal and relevant Head of School. To confirm their place at the College, applicants will also be required to complete our online enrolment application form and provide the required documentation. 

Results of scholarship selection are confidential and will not be released by the College. This will remain a private arrangement between the family and Foundation Christian College. 

Academic Scholarships will require a further ACER Test and test results will be made available to the parents of each sitting candidate. The decision of College is final, and no subsequent discussion will be entered into.


Scholarships will be awarded on the understanding that the student will maintain high standards of academic achievement, participate to the best of his or her ability in College activities and adhere to the College rules, policies and procedures. 

Successful Scholarship recipients will be able to demonstrate that they have a developing Christian faith and will strive to uphold the Christian values of Truth, Love, Hope, Grace and Faith at all times. 

Scholarship recipients will pursue their education at Foundation Christian College, wherever possible, through to Year 12. Scholarships will be reviewed annually and may be withdrawn if the conditions of acceptance are not being met.



Academic Scholarships reward and recognise students entering Year 6 and above for academic excellence. 

The scholarships are awarded based on the comprehensive academic data provided from the results of an ACER Scholarship test, school reports, NAPLAN results and an interview with the Head of School. 

Students must also have a record of excellent conduct. The Academic Scholarship represents up to 100% remission in tuition fees.

Christian Bursary

FCC offers Bursaries based on financial need to students who are excelling and would not otherwise be able to enrol and avail themselves of the opportunities presented, to attend our College.  

Co-curricular Excellence Scholarships

Co-curricular Excellence Scholarships are offered to students entering Year 6 and above who excel in Technology, Sport, Music or the Performing Arts.

Scholarship holders must actively engage with the technology, cultural or sporting activity in their area of expertise and be able to demonstrate consistent and sound academic achievement.

Students must also have a record of excellent conduct. Selection is based on the candidate’s application portfolio, an interview with the Head of School and the relevant Head of Learning Area.

In some circumstances an audition will be required. 

The Co-curricular Excellence Scholarship represents up to 100% remission in tuition fees.

Indigenous Leadership Scholarships

Available to all Indigenous Australian students from Year 6 to Year 12, who desire a Christian Education.

Indigenous Leadership Scholarships are awarded to Indigenous children and are unique in nature. 

The intent of the scholarship is to provide exceptional educational opportunities for Indigenous children who have the potential to lead by Christ's example within their community, whether that be in academics, sport or in other areas. 

Each scholarship provides full tuition fees and continues for the duration of the child’s education at Foundation Christian College. The Indigenous Leadership Scholarship represents up to 100% remission in tuition fees.

We welcome families from our Indigenous Community who desire a Christian Education for their children and encourage you to apply for an Indigenous Leadership Scholarship.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships will be made available to students currently enrolled in Year 6 or 7 in the current year, who are talented instrumentalists and/or vocalists.

Scholarships will be available for Voice (Year 7) and Piano (Year 6 and 7).

Auditions for Music Scholarships will be held at the College by arrangement with the College Head of Arts, Mr Peter Shanhun.

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