Former Head Boy is now at WAAPA!

Celebrating our Former Students Friday, 08 Mar 2024

TJ Ruwodo is well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming an actor. Having won two of three Canning Shakespeare Competitions he competed in, and performed in many College Productions and Recitals, we always knew he would pursue acting.

When advised he had received a place in the much-coveted Diploma course TJ said, "Mum and Dad were overjoyed when they heard the good news, but for me it was an interesting overwhelming feeling, yet rewarding ... as I know I worked so hard to get to this point."

"I am enjoying it so much, every day it is so different, keeping me on my toes. What has surprised me is that I thought the WAAPA environment would be very competitive and straight business, but I have found it to be relaxed, and everyone is kind and uplifting; it's a really good environment to be in."

He will complete his Diploma of Acting at the end of this year and then decide whether he will try his hand in the business of acting or continue studying his Bachelor of Acting.

All the best TJ! We are proud of you!