In August 1994, a group of Christian parents were concerned about the fact that they did not have local access to a Christian school. The suggestion was made that they could start their own school. This idea was met with overwhelming support. Maranatha Christian College in Rockingham was approached for advice. God prepared the principal, for the request. Within minutes of approaching the front desk, the Principal had the first meeting of the school’s planning committee underway. A public interest meeting was held, after advertising in the local paper and through local churches. The turnout was pleasing and a Steering Committee was elected.

In February 1997, Foundation Christian School started with 22 students. The founding principal was Mr Kerry Goodwill who was supported by one other teacher. Since his retirementat the end of 1998, Kerry served as a Board member for a further two years.

The Steering Committee dissolved and the Association members appointed a Board. Staff at Kingsway Christian College in Landsdale assisted the school from this point. Neil Rowcroft, from Kingsway, became the Chairman and led the way as the young Board dealt with a range of situations. Many policies were drafted to establish the school.
After the first year, numbers grew, so the Board negotiated with a local church for temporary accommodation. The numbers of staff and students continued to grow, under the leadership of Principal, Corrie Davis. It was then time for the school to have a place of its own.

The Education Department had a surplus high school site and the Minister for Education, approved the allocation and suggested that we borrow money to purchase it at the best government interest rates they had. It was a long process, but eventually the school had their own land. God had provided the school with a site of almost 10 hectares, close to town.

In May 2000, Stage 1 was completed, and with lots of help from the school community, Foundation Christian School moved to take up residence in their own buildings. Praise God! Only he can make something out of nothing.

Since this time, an Administration/ Library, Technology (Manual Arts) facility, Home Economics and Science Centre, Art Rooms, Early Childhood Centre, Middle School building and Auditorium, Multi-purpose Hall and Senior School Centre have been added to the College site.

In 1994 there was nothing but a desire for a Christian school. Currently there are over 530 students enrolled at Foundation Christian College. God is so good!