Foundation Christian College staff are professional teachers who have a deep commitment to a high standard of education and the Christian Faith.

The staff at Foundation Christian College operate as a team so that all skills and talents can be maximised in implementing the vision of the College. Staff are committed to excellence in their personal and professional conduct so that all students are valued and instructed to achieve to their potential.

All staff are committed and practising Christians. This ensures that students are nurtured and taught from a Christian perspective and with Christians values embedded in all class and school activities.

To be employed at Foundation Christian College, a teacher needs to not only have a Pastor’s reference but be qualified to teach in Western Australia. This means that a relevant tertiary qualification has been awarded and that a current police clearance is sighted. Teachers employed at Foundation Christian College have a range of life and educational experience.

Some teachers are in their first full year of teaching while others have decades of experience in a range of schools. However, all have been carefully selected by the Association’s Board of Directors from a competitive field of applicants as they are the best applicants to assist the College in achieving its purposes.

All staff participate in relevant professional development throughout the year so that they develop and maintain teaching skills and beliefs that are reflective of current and progressive educational thought and practice.

Teachers are committed to preparing and implementing a quality learning programme for all students including students who have learning problems or who are gifted and talented.

Teachers are student-focused, showing empathy, care and compassion for all students. However, all teachers have clearly defined boundaries of acceptable behaviour that is consistently monitored through their implementation of the College’s Pastoral Care Programme. All teachers are mindful of the partnership that the College has with homes. In this regard, teachers place priority to meet and communicate with all parents as required. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers via the student diary, informal chats or through more formal meetings. Please ask if you would like the relevant Head of School to be present at any of these meetings.

Neville Stanway

Mel Richardson
Head of Secondary

Sharon Mitchell
Head of Primary