A Safe Environment
Foundation Christian College provides a safe (physical, social and emotional), caring, Christian environment.

All staff, students and members of the College community need to positively contribute to the college culture so that the outcomes as stated in the rationale are achieved. The partnerships between parents and staff, staff and students and student and students are vital and open communication is essential.

The Bible is the foundation, which provides the key, not only to learning in every area, but to every area of the collegeís life, including appropriate relationships between Godís people.

At Foundation Christian College every person has the right to be treated with respect. All people associated with the college (including staff, students, board and parents) need to develop respect for:

  • GOD
  • SELF

Parents of Foundation Christian College are encouraged to develop sound, biblical parenting skills so that all students are nurtured in a safe, positive and constructive family culture.

At FCC Parents should:

  • Be aware of the Pastoral Care Policy and College Guidelines and be supportive of the Policy and Guidelines
  • Encourage goal setting in their own children
  • Encourage acceptable behaviour
  • Get to know the staff
  • Be alert to problems arising at school and report them appropriately
  • Use the student diary for daily communication, when appropriate

Staff will communicate with parents through the diary or by phone to keep parents informed of any behaviour that requires modifying or attending to. Parents should respond to the Collegeís contact by talking about the problem and support strategies that encourage modification of behaviour. Parents should offer praise and encouragement for positive change in behaviour.

One strategy for consideration is to participate in training and information courses such as ìGrowing Kids Godís Way.î Growing Kids Godís Way is based upon the belief that childbearing is a responsibility given by God to the parents. Parents are to guide, nurture, and discipline their children. Foundation Christian College is partly an extension of the home. The College is not a separate world from the family, where children are sent off at the start of the day and return at the end of that day, with the two worlds rarely meeting. The College and home provide a partnership, nurturing and training the child in the light of Godís Word, the Bible.

Classroom Implementation

All students participate in learning tasks to develop positive and appropriate social skills. This includes:

  • Communication
  • Group work and collaborative learning skills
  • Peer mediation
  • Cooperation and compromise
  • Tolerance of difference
  • The notion of fairness
  • Positive peer pressure

Teachers provide a thoughtful balance of competitive, collaborative and independent tasks in implementing curriculum. Learning environments should promote inclusion.

Each learning team (class) develops a class charter or code of conduct that reflects and supports the College’s Pastoral Care Policy and Guidelines.