Former Student Interview - Maryna Brits

Celebrating our Former Students Friday, 05 Mar 2021

Maryna Brits was Head Girl at Foundation Christian College in 2018. She was well-known in our College Community as one who was passionate about encouraging younger students in their faith. Our Community Relations Officer Michelle Cronin spent time with Maryna to find out what she is up to now!

MC: How long were you a student at FCC?
MB: Five years from Year 8

MC: While you were at school, what were your goals and plans for your life/career? 

MB: From Year 8 to Year 10 I wanted to be a pastor, Mr Lowe always called me Pastor Brits!  In year 10 I ran a small group at lunchtimes – it was amazing, teaching everyone to read the Bible and at the end of the year I did an altar call and every one gave their life to the Lord. I realised that everyone is hungry, hungry for a bigger purpose.

In Year 11 and 12 I had dreams of becoming a producer of my own production company. Mr Fallon, the then Head of Senior School, made me realise that videography, which I love, is a beautiful way of telling stories and this is what I do now!  

MC What gave you inspiration to choose your career path?
MB: My purpose is in God – He wants us to make disciples and share the Word of God - I don’t strive for a big career. But I love what I do with videography and God is helping me use the tools of videography to do this. 

My priority is spending time with the Lord and sharing all He has done for me with others.

MC: What aspects of your schooling at FCC supported your plans to getting you on the path to where you are today?
MB: Foundations. I was given good foundations in my life, in God.
I felt very supported with what I wanted to do, I had good contact with my teachers to guide me, even after school had finished, I called upon a couple of them for guidance and they were happy to take the time to help me.
The work ethic shown to me by my teachers and I implemented this into my life. Even in my casual job this has followed on in leadership skills, organising, planning and now creating my own production company with good moral values, ethics.

MC: What are you doing, career-wise with your life now?
MB: My original plan for when I finished school was to work for one year to raise funds for a year at YWAM. My plan for 2020 with the current issues meant that I had to cancel this until further notice. So I decided to study a Certificate  IV in Digital Media Technologies. Part of the assessment is that we had to make a game online at GooglePlay. Mine is called Turtlebounce. Another assessment we had to do was to design a website and code it from scratch. I have created a website for my sister-in-law’s wood engraving business. Some final touches and that will be it!! In 2021, I hope to launch my own business!

Editors note: Sunflower Productions is Maryna's new business! Congratulations!

MC: Do you have any advice for current FCC students?
MB: Work hard and take every opportunity that comes your way. This is the time to do it! 
MC: Tell me about the experiences/highlights at FCC that stand out for you.
MB: You can just feel the presence of God here. We can take what we have learnt with our faith and implement it.

On Being Head Girl: It was an opportunity of being able to shine God’s light to others. It was fun as everyone seemed to know you. The little ones would come up to you, it was so nice. I enjoyed building relationships, mentoring students, speaking with others about my faith journey and hearing about others and their experiences. I loved getting involved with the younger students, they were my priority.

MC: Now that you have been away from FCC for a year, what aspects of your time here have stayed with you?
MB: There are so many. The College really helped shaped me, I really soaked it up and built on what Foundation stands for – God is my foundation, He is part of everything in my life, in my work ethic, how I look into the future.

MC: In your opinion, have those aspects provided you with a good grounding for life after school? In what way/how?
MB: Definitely. I have been equipped to love on different people that I meet. I have seen how the staff work here and I can take on what I have learnt and build my own communities.

It has been a great place to come back to, my foundations to catch up with those who shaped me, for example Mrs Richardson would always challenge me and I have been so welcomed to come back.

MC: What do you think you got out of attending FCC that you couldn’t have received somewhere else?
MB: At the school we think outside the box, encouraged to ask questions on how we can be better.
We had a voice and I could make our voice louder. Teachers kept us accountable.
I now lead a small group every second Friday night with former students, teaching them how to read the Bible and pray and to understand. We do life together spiritually as it is harder after school.


MC: Thank you Maryna!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of something amazing. It is an honour to represent the school, to be an advocate and to be a witness to all that the Lord has done!
— Maryna Brits, 2018 Head Girl FCC